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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> wow, new at noon, violence at pictorial secret. blacke breaks out during friday. why police want you to see this video, and what happened just before the punches were thrown.
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noon with athis montgomery county teacher on the run. she is accused of abusing a special needs student and abuse -- and then fleeing the country. release more details this afternoon, but brianne carter has already talked to people who know this teacher and they say they are in shock. is facing sharon kui charges after police say she abused a 15-year-old autistic student and then fled to hong kong. >> it is scary. >> monterey county police say she was a teacher at frost school. law-enforcement officials say last month she went into a boys more -- home when his parents were away and engaged in what is being disguised -- described as illegal sexual conduct. >> that's not good. >> she lived in this rockville neighborhood, one neighbor said it has been months since she has seen her. >> it is been a long time since
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summertime since i saw her last. i saw the police looking for her at the beginning of november. >> montgomery county police say they're going to put hold a press conference later this afternoon where we hope to learn more about this case. in rockville, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we are following some breaking news this noon from prince george's county. news chopper seven is above the scene of a trash truck that is flip on the beltway. drivers can expect delays in that area. we will make sure to up date you -- >> just coming into my a picture of a woman accused of robbing a bank in prince george's county. officers say that the woman passed a note demanding cash, and she did get away with some, but we do not know how much. the woman appears to be in her late 20's. >> an ugly crime at a beauty
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supply store in montgomery county. police say a group of women try to steal hundreds of dollars in weeds and wigs, and that is not even the worst part. a quick look at the video here, they had a baby with them as this all unfolded. as john gonzales reports, the ant became part of the attack. >> the woman in the pink outfit will spend the next five years in jail after salting the owner of this beauty supply store. trying to she was threaten him. >> she was sentenced this week, she robbed the store act in september with two other women, attending to steal more than 800 dollars in here weeds and w igs. take a look here, the team uses a stroller with an infant and it to attack the victim.
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attendant, and hit her. the baby slid out of the shoulder -- stroller and hit its head. scuffle eventually spilled out into the sidewalk, the three women and the baby finally get away, at least that is what they thought. each of store now has security cameras. >> if they're going to steal my stuff. >> she owns several stores in the area, and is thinking about closing some of them because of this incident. as for williams, she has a critical -- criminal history. >> thank you. having now, the d.c. council is in session, and on the agenda, i preload and rebound on the bill that would raise the cities minimum wage. community groups rallied outside
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the building this morning. they are supporting a bill that would raise the min voice to $11.50 an hour. mayor vincent gray once the minimum wage to be still higher than -- no higher than $10 an hour, but the bill has enough support to override a potential veto papers we have become a city and a country that has and has not. we want to raise money for people to have food and the cost of living. more money for their children. >> neighboring montgomery and richard county have already approved their own minimum wage hike. >> it just minutes ago we learned that a water main break in arlington did not cause a second one. that is the word from arlington environmental officials. they said that the first water and break -- main break happened in arlington, and then a second one first on street -- munro street. >> they have some decent weather out there as they try to clean up all the remaining issues from
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those water main breaks. taking a live look outside right now. jacqui jeras here with the first look at our forecast. today.s lovely outside could always watches on your mobile phone, if you wanted to be outside. we really warm things up, we started with a bit of cloud cover, but on the visible satellite, all of that cloud cover has moved away and we have seen plenty of sunshine. that has a lot of temperatures to bump up well into the 50's. we're going to stay there for the next couple of days, but this blast of winter is coming from the north. this is going to affect almost the entire country rate up we love more on that coming up in just a few minutes. this afternoon we are looking for fair skies and i high of about 55 degrees. is trying to, he
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sell his health care plan. later on today president obama will address the nation once again, trying to gain support for the affordable care act. karen travers reports, the glitches have taken their toll. >> today president obama lodge is a big health care pr push. he is encouraging americans to sign up for health insurance, but he is also trying to make -- change public opinion after two months of witches and delays. they say it is too little, too late. >> we will continue to listen to the market people and try to focus on protecting them from a flawed law. >> yesterday, after two months of around the clock work, the technical problems that help their got of -- at were mostly fixed. hiccups,. somll hiccups, some users
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will encounter delays. some users are still not having much luck. howard has-- dan been waiting for two months. >> i cannot go any further because i'm not verified that i am me. >> his biggest concern now is getting a new policy in time. attack nineeart years ago, i'm terrified of not having a policy on january 1. differentll focus on aspects of the health care law, highlighting how it ended discrimination for people with three existing conditions, and expanded coverage for millions of americans who do not have insurance. karen travers, abc 7 news, washington. >> new at noon, two consultants have concluded that the cell, butdied in his he did not choke himself for sexual pleasure.
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suggestedisons report he died from autoerotic stimulation, but the consultants from evidence in the cell and writing in the journal. >> a black friday brault. rawl. the accusation a woman yelled before the fest began to fly -- fists begin to fly. >> we will tell you how he managed to survive for so long. the years most popular baby names, and the new trend for parents. >> jacqui jeras will be back to tell you when you might
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> a black friday melee. police are searching for two women who attacked a 17-year-old girl and a bit torilla secret store. one of the woman yelled you poked me in the eye, and then the punches begin to fly. could help this video lead to arrests. we'll have more on this story coming up on abc seven news at 5:00 p.m. outolice have ruled dragracing in the fire crash that killed actor paul walker. he died this weekend along with
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a friend who was driving him. the crash involved just their car. the explosion that happened after the impact. others say that the porsche was beating at the time. >> this is an incredible story that you have to here. a man found alive after his boat sank, trapping him underwater. artie deiters before the dust below the surface, he survived for nearly three days. we're getting a look at the video that shows how it all happened. >> this is the view from the diverse camera. i'm on the main deck. chevrone sinking of a oil boat, they never thought they would find survivors. watch as they turned the corner in the water. >> we should be looking on the ceiling? >> look closely. >> he is alive. pocket under air his boat, and he stayed there in the four square-foot air bubble for nearly three days alone.
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no food, no water, only darkness. >> just keep them there, keep him calm. --11 colleagues down drowned, and he could only -- as the boat sank. , as the divers gave him air, and lifted him to safety. >> after he was rescued, the man spent 60 hours in a decompression chamber so his body pressure could return to normal. the good of died, if that did not happen. >> if you ever question whether or not you're put on earth for a reason -- >> that you showed you how the human body can go into survival mode. >> wow. goodness. i don't know what else to say about that. startwas kind of a gray this morning. things have been changing since that time.
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let's go out and start out with a time lapse of this morning, we will show you the progression we have been making throughout the day today. there you can see the cloudy overs cost -- overcast conditions have cleared out. things have been clearing out for aggressively throughout the day of and i thought we would get to partly cloudy conditions, but there's not a cloud in the sky right now. just blue, it is blue, blue, and that has allowed our temperatures to warm up. it is 52 degrees at reagan national, and that little warm front door north -- front to our north is lifting our editors, and it will stay that way for the next couple of days. at dullesatures airport is 50, annapolis is 52, and we have seen a couple of 40's off to our west.
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the warm air will continued across the mid-atlantic and southeastern states. the big story across the country not just today, but the entire big plunge ofthis arctic hare that is going to come in from the north. it will go across manzano, stretching into wyoming and into colorado. tomorrow we could be seeing between one to two feet of snow. will be there for a of theof days, and parts upper midwest, they may not get ybove zero five friday -- buy friday. that will eventually slide its way toward us, but it will not get here until late in the weekend. at this time, we will stay on the warm side. the most -- majority of the country pretty good.
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across the east coast, showing this little front just north of us, and that will stay just shy of our area, because it is so us, wehe bus -- close to will have a little bit of cloudiness over the next couple of days. high temperatures in the middle 50's. for tonight, those cause a return -- clouds will return. , andomorrow, partly sunny mild. we should get into the upper 50's by tomorrow, and then even better than that on thursday. expect to top 60 degrees. the wet weather then comes in late in the day on thursday, and continues through friday. cold air starts to advance in. sunday will be interesting. this will start happening in the morning, a potential wintry mix, and then it will just be rain on monday.
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some uncertainty in the forecast for late in the weekend, something we will have to watch very closely. 5?62 on december beautiful. bee.l hail queen the new superstar has been 13's mosto the -- 20 searched celebrity in america. from a sold-out world tour, the super bowl, she has itty-bitty year -- has had a busy year. miley cyrus was absent from the list. >> from those searched celebrities to top baby names. baby released its list of the top 100 baby names. number one, after a survey of 500,000 paras, 23rd teams up -- top baby names are jackson and sofia.
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jackson made a major job -- jump from number 22 last year. by a positiveoman pregnancy test, and then call in a boyfriend into an engagement. >> lady gaga is back. we will tell you about because
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>> imagine you're sitting at a restaurant, when a woman comes in and proceeds to buy a positive pregnancy test.
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she is not really expecting, but she is pretending to be, and when her boyfriend comes in, you figure out why. >> i have big news. we're pregnant. >> wow. >> we better get engaged fast. >> as you're sitting there watching, what would you do? that is what the host decided to ask. this is a story that we have done here on abc seven, without some strong reactions to this concept. how did your people react? >> most people will are afraid to tell the girl who was lying that she was doing something wrong. they would not tell her boyfriend that she was lying to him. hous --how far will some women go to get their boyfriends to propose to them? there was one woman who spoke out. she clearly made -- he made it very clear that this was wrong.
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notyone else, i just could hesitate to get involved in a room is like that. we got one man would blow the whistle on this deceptive girlfriend, and he did not. in the end, he told the young man who was freaking out because his girlfriend has just told him he is pregnant, your children are beautiful, and you should probably marry her. >> people not 20 to get involved in others'affairs. you actually decided to see what would happen if a woman left her child outside of a restaurant the -- for punishment because he missed the behaved -- because he behaved.he head -- ? >> what would you do if you saw in the coldide
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while she gets a bloody mary because she was a timeout for herself? i think what you'll see is very inspiring. >> people tend to get a little more passionate when they see children involved. >> always. >> thank you very much. you can watch what would you do tonight on abc seven news -- abc seven at 10:00, and then stick around for abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. >>
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littleing all you monsters out there. lady gaga announced her latest tour dates. the artist is coming to the verizon center on may 16. trip, itember previous was canceled because she had hip surgery. >> a lot have been waiting for her to stop in the d c area. >> are you a little monster? things, theof big temperature is way up there. we will get to 55 this afternoon, lots of sunshine out there, beautiful afternoon. at is going to be gre wednesday and thursday. you will need an umbrella by thursday. >> thank you for joining
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! [cheers and applause] what's up? what up, baby? what's happening? what up? what up? ah, what's up? what's happening? >> hey, man. >> what's up, brother? what's up, man? come on. [cheers and applause] yes! hello, and welcome to millionaire! are you all ready to see me give away a lot of cash? [cheers and applause] well, it is double money week! it continues all week, guys! [cheers and applause] yes. every contestant has a chance to double their money on just one question. that means that we build their bank, and then we build it again,

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